As dog lovers, we believe that there are no bad dogs, only untrained or undertrained dogs and "owners". The cost of our Leadership class is $150 which includes a 6 ft leather leash, a training collar, and lifetime membership*

Leadership Class

This program was developed by Jan Manning and is unique to the Northwest. It is a group class that teaches obedience, communication, relationship development and problem solving for companion dogs. This is an accelerated learning class consisting of 5 weekly sessions with a total of about 10 hours of structured class time. We use natural communication techniques balanced with lots of positive reinforcement.

Dogs learn fast because this approach is so unique. With Leadership Class, you are your dog's teacher. We teach you how to think, communicate and even act a little more like a dog. Learning about each other becomes fun and you gain a greater appreciation and respect for each other.

The result: you and your dog become a team, bonded more strongly than you ever imagined possible.

Your dog will learn these "life lessons" above all else:

  1. Pay attention to the leader (safety, survival, security)
  2. Show respect to the leader
  3. Exercise self control

Most behavior problems (jumping up, pulling on the leash, hyperactivity, etc.) will be rectified as you work through the class. In addition, your dog will learn to walk attentively on a loose leash, to sit and stay, to lie down and stay, to come when called and to "curb" (respect boundaries).

As part of the Leadership Class, you will also learn Canine First Aid.

* Lifetime Membership: Your dog may repeat Leadership Class for the rest of his life at no extra charge. He may make up missed classes, attend refresher classes with you, come with various family members and even with new owners if you choose to re-home him.

Rally Obedience & Competition Class

This newest form of AKC obedience competition is taking the country by storm. Rally Obedience, or "Rally O", is informal and encourages praise and positive interaction between dog and owner, making it fun and exciting for all involved. The course is timed. The team that completes the course with the best performance and fastest time wins. All others who complete the course in reasonable time earn qualifying ribbons towards and AKC Rally Title. Call for schedule details.

Private Lessons

If your schedule does not allow you to attend group classes, if you need immediate help and classes are full or if your dog has behavioral issues that would be better addressed in an individual setting, you can schedule private lessons. Fees are at the discretion of the trainer.

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"When I first visited The Dog House I was interested in getting some training for my 7 month old Golden Retriever. Luca was suffering from severe separation anxiety and would tear up furniture, bed linens, and the yard whenever I left him home alone. They suggested training and some time at Doggy Day Camp. I signed up for Leadership Class, which I took him through twice, and followed up with Liberal Arts (an advanced class). During this time, Luca attended Day Camp everyday, where he could play with other dogs and "stay out of mischief" while I was at work. Richard worked with Luca during the day, reinforcing his Leadership homework and he was given lots of TLC and treated with consistency by the dog handlers at Doggy Day Camp. Thanks to The Dog House and all their help, there has been a great improvement in Luca's behavior. He is able to stay home alone and now attends Day Camp two days a week, just to play with his "friends."

Stanelle Murphy
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