Big or small, we have room for them all!

Five days a week you can drop your dog off at our Doggy Day Camp for a day of supervised play, social interaction with other dogs and tender loving care in our safe, clean facility. This is a great alternative for the dog who must otherwise spend all day at home alone, or for the dog who needs to develop better social skills with other dogs.

Here are some benefits of Doggy Day Camp:

  • Dogs learn social skills and increase their confidence.
  • They're not home destroying the yard, soiling the house or disturbing the neighbors with barking.
  • They go home VERY tired and ready to relax with you in the evening.
  • They are handled with the consistency that professional trainers can offer.
  • Our camp counselors are responsible "dog parents" themselves, who are certified in pet first aid & CPR.

The Doggy Day Camp atmosphere is somewhat like a schoolyard. The dogs play primarily indoors in our climate-controlled rooms or in our large, fenced, grass play yard.

All new dogs that attend our Doggy Day Camp are carefully observed and we can quickly tell if there is a potential problem developing. Most dogs are just fine within a few minutes of joining the group.

Full Day: $17.00 (6 or more hours)
Hourly Rate: $3.00 (less than 6 hours)
5 days $80.00
10 days $155.00
20 days $300.00
Each additional dog within the same family will receive a discount.

You are required to bring copies of your dog's shot records when you register for Doggy Day Camp. Males over 7 months must be neutered.

Overnight Care - After a fun day playing with other dogs, your dog will retire to his doggy den or one of our indoor dog rooms for a much needed rest.

$27.00 per day/night for one dog
$25.00 per day/night for 5 or more day/nights
$20.00 per day/night for each additional dog
from the same family

At The Dog House, there are no extra costs for overnight care because everything is included: meals, any medications or supplements your dog is currently taking, bedtime doggy treats, plus all the play time, love and attention your special friend could want.

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"My sister and I have been going to Doggy Day Camp at The Dog House since we were just "little pups." We Love It! We have doggy friends to play with, get homemade treats to eat (especially on baking days) and even have our own room for "little" dogs. Our Mom and Dad know we are happy because we always run right in to give Carly and Linda "doggy kisses" when we get there."

Buddy & Parker

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